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Cioppino Feeds


A San Francisco Bay Area Tradition with our secret family recipe for this classic dish!

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Let us create a feast in your home that will dazzle your guests and leave your kitchen spic & span!

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Memorial Luncheons

After the loss of a loved one, hosting a memorial brunch or luncheon in their memory is a wonderful

After the loss of a loved one, hosting a memorial luncheon or brunch in their memory is a wonderful way to bring people together to celebrate a life well lived.

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Russ & Andrea Belleci have hosted well over 100 crab feed events since Andrea was about 13 years old.

Using a mixture of Old Sicilian charm, love of seafood and a time honored recipe for Cold Cracked Dungeness Crab Marinade, this father and daughter team has wowed many an organization’s annual crab feed events throughout the Tri Valley and East County.

Belleci Family Catering

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